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☆ Lea ☆
29 July 2008 @ 11:00 am
So I bought a DS last Wednesday...I still don't know why. I mean, sure the journey to Cornwall is about a six/seven hour drive but I've got my ipod! I did not need to spend £100 on a DS!


But I did. And now I am addicted. I mean, I've already completed Phoenix Wright (even though the stupid game shop gave me the wrong game inside the case...so maybe that should be Phoenix Wright: 2 XD), Another Code, Lunar Knights and I've just started The World Ends With You. ♥

I love TWEWY and Phoenix <3 Edgeworth and Phoenix are just too damn slashable for my poor mind XDD; And I'm not too far in TWEWY but damn the soundtrack rocks and...and...it reminds me so much of KH XDDD;

So yeah! My next posts, whenever I do them, will probably be spazzing over my DS XD

I have Lost Magic, Luminous Arc and FMA to start yet...Yes I bought my DS game last week and already have 7 games. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

I want to buy more next week when I get paid but I'm not sure which games to buy XD Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, movie wise! Caspian...in my mind sucked. It just...didn't capture that Narnia magic for me XD;; But-but WALL-E...you have to go see it! It's awesome ♥

And...yeah. That's all XD Work is boring as usual. There really isn't that much exciting about Tescos except for mad customers...who I try to steer clear of 8D;
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☆ Lea ☆
28 June 2008 @ 11:58 pm
Drama in Tescos! My God. This woman exited the shop with a tag still on so lo-and-behold the alarms went off. Dan (security-guy XD) asked her to come back in so he could check her receipt. She seemed to think he was accusing her of shoplifting (it's mandatory you stupid bint) so she starts screaming. "How dare you treat me this way! Stop staring at me! I'll never shop here again!" etc. etc.

She goes out, comes back in, starts yelling at Customer Services XD; Leaves a second time and we all realise she's parked in the Disabled area so Michelle (co-worker) goes out to tell her off XD; She came back in veeery mad (Michelle that is, not the ex-customer).

Also got moaned at for lack of stock. Apparently our stores the worse and now customers have to go all the way to ASDA afterwards. Just...go there first why don't you. I wanted to shout, I'm not in charge of stock! Fuck off you idiots, I'm a checkout operator, I put the frickin' items through, not put them on shelves. Ugh.

But yeah, other than that work was boring XD So I wrote drabbles - at the till. It was quite amusing, people were all..."Is this till still open?"

I was very tempted to answer "No, just let me finish this sentence." But I didn't want to be fired DX So I have one xxxHolic drabble and one half-finshed Reborn! one.

My muse seems to be on top form today XD; I've already started/posted two multiparters on ff.net, the first one is an AU-Naruto fanfic. Don't ask. the second is an AU-Kingdom Hearts one. Yeah...really. Don't ask.

Oh, and look at the time. I'm 19 already XDDD I'll post the drabbles...sometime when I'm fully awake. I'm bound to mess up somewhere otherwises. Oiiii~

OHHHH! AND THIS IS VERY FUN. If you like Clamp. Otherwise it's confusing as hell.

...I don't know why I put that in capitals XDDD;;;
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☆ Lea ☆
28 June 2008 @ 02:24 pm
After (...what...four years?) whatever, I finally changed my name! God but I needed too. The other one sucked and this one's not much better but anything beats kasumi_kage. I could kick my fifteen-year-old self.

Profile is updated - so if you wanted to know what fandoms I'm in now xD;;

Uh...anything else? If you wanted to defriend me because we don't have the same interests anymore I won't be angry .__.; I know some of us don't talk anymore and stuff so...yeah D:

oh yeah, and I'll finally be 19 tomorrow. Go me XD (god I'm getting old)
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☆ Lea ☆
26 June 2008 @ 11:27 pm
Oofuri = the new, (even gayer) tenipuri XD

It...does not take much to slash these guys. At all, *points to icon* Holding hands for ten minutes? Sleeping together? Saying 'I like you!' half a dozen times? The anime's been there and done that even before the fandom XD;

Soo~ in honour of spreading their joy, two drabbles

which are obv. beneath the cut...Collapse )
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☆ Lea ☆
25 June 2008 @ 07:45 pm
So I didn't die? Well, how about that...

I'm not actually sure why I'm updating this old thing...sentimentality's sake? I guess I sort of missed it.

Quite a lot has happened to me~ Although

a) no I didn't give birth
b) no I didn't get really ill and,
c) no I didn't get married~

Okay, a lot happened but none of it was very interesting.

I have a job! I'm a working girl~ I'm redo-ing my first year of University. I have a whole new bunch of fandoms under my belt like whoah~ I'm a much better writer (or, at least, so I've been told). I feel a lot better about myself - I have more confidence. I'm more mature? Maybe XD;

So, I guess this is a long belated howdy~! And a very quiet, 'Hey, I'm back XD'
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☆ Lea ☆
27 October 2007 @ 01:44 pm
Ye Gads I like my disappearing acts don't I?

So what's new in the life of Lea? Hmmm~

- University is hell. Seriously.

- I've already handed in my first essay 4 weeks in. And we're going to be studying them in a seminar next week. W.T.HEELLLLLLL.

- I joined the gym :D I've had 5 hours sleep because my induction was at eight o'clock this morning. Even the gym-guy thought this was bad. Ha. Also my thighs hurt. That is all.

- I am addicted ADDICTED I TELL YOU to Twelve Kingdoms. If you have not seen it...do. It's pure awesomeness <333 Brilliant. Nodame Cantabile Live Action is also very kewl.

- I have no money. None.

- BUT I have a shiny new laptop and loads of new just-as-shiny books :D

Anything else?

I went horse riding. Once. It's terrifying. DDD:

I haven't been doing anything other than that. I don't think. Reading, writing essays and watching anime. That's it. Huh. Boring life of Lea.

SEE?! This is why I do not write!

I also joined facebook because it's, uh, the done thing at Uni. (Everyone seems to have one?) Leanne McLaughlin if anyone has one XDD;;;

One more thing, everyone should have this thing. It's the cutest, sweetest thing since sugar ♥
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☆ Lea ☆
26 September 2007 @ 11:43 pm

Well, I haven't written anything for a while, I'm dealing with insomnia so I decided to update XD;

University is so busy. It's been non-stop since last week. My God! It's drink + hangover + lecture/seminar + repeat. It's worse for those who live in halls, I've spent about...er...30 hours in buses these past two weeks? XD

It was my sister's birthday on the 13th so we all went out and I got so drunk I almost passed(past?) out. Yeah...I don't think nanna was all that pleased. I also found out that when I get drunk I do not get raging headaches, I end up with even worse insomnia and spend all night on the toilet. Not altogether a nice experiance D:

Lesse...Fresher's Week was fun. I had my first lesson in horse riding today (it was fun, scary and confusing all at once) and now I have to read several of Tennyson's poems before my lecture at 10 tomorrow. Ha.

I'm at uni until five tomorrow! Five! Geh. I have a 3 hour break during which I'm going to a horse tack shop to buy jodhpurs, boots and chafs.

I've ordered my laptop, it's coming either this week or next week so I can finally give you back you laptop Gemma (if you're reading this XD; I've tried to get in contact with you but aim was being a bitch and my phone is currently being repaired so I lost your mobile number v___v; yeah I really do suck that much XD;;)

I can't decide whether I like horse riding or not. I have very bad balance XD;;

That being said I've discovered a recent obsession with Naruto.

Yeah...I know. Please don't shoot me. I qwailed XD;

And now I'm going to try to get at least a little bit of sleep before tomorrow. Damn I hate my body sometimes.
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☆ Lea ☆
15 August 2007 @ 02:31 pm
Hoooooooookay, I know it's utterly stupid to feel so nervous over something I have no control over but...I'M SCARED XDDDD;;;;

I was not this anxious over GCSEs. I swear. I've almost thrown up once and my stomach's like up and down and I-hate-you-Sumi-bite-me only I can't bite it because it's physically impossible for me to bend that way DDD:

Souhmyeah :D It's raining pretty constantly. I hope it stops on Saturday because...Scotland ahoy~!

We are going to Lothian, not Lothlorian which I keep calling it. I think the geeky LotR's part of me wants it to be Lothlorian XD It's near Edinburgh and there are more pictures over here and I'll post my own photos when I get back XD

AND when I do get back I will come bearing kilts, bagpipes and tartan and HAGIS FOR EVERYONE ♥♥♥

I need to go out and buy some travelling pills either tomorrow or Friday. I think mine are out of date and I need them for Saturday morning (we're leaving at FIVE. FIVE IN THE MORNING which means I need to get up at...like...three *dies*)

But first I need to get over the minor hurdle of whether or not I got into university. Wish me luck~ XD

Oh yeah, and Gemma, when do you want your laptop back? XD;;;;
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☆ Lea ☆
12 August 2007 @ 11:08 am
How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension28
Your crimeWriting Sam/Dean non-con underage incest fic so sappy it gives your flist caveties.
Who reported youwindowmaiden
Your fateHospitalized for your subsequent Cherry Garcia addiction.

...well, I thought it was funny 8D;
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☆ Lea ☆
09 June 2007 @ 06:13 pm
I seem to have a tradition in my journal where I start off almost every update with 'why do I never update anymore'? XD; It seems my life is too boring. And I also keep on forgetting. But I will never abandon this journal! *clings to* It's been going strong just going for three years now. I'm not going to let it die out simply because my interest wanes and waxes. (wanes and waxes? wth? XD;;;)

I haven't really been doing anything recently XD I've become addicted to Shinshi Doumei Cross/Gentlemen's Alliance and...Vampire Knight (to an extent, I hate Yuki but...Zero...geh, Zero~). OMGOD SHOUJO FAN SUMI?! XD; I think there may be something wrong with my head. I haven't read/watched anything slash-y in ages. Although I've been reading FMA manga? Does that count?

I'm kinda really, ridiculously nervous about my upcoming exams. In two days. I have to do really well in these or my chances to get into University are slim to none. And yet I can never seem to revise properly. I just stress myself out instead. I think I need help? XD;;;;

Ah...I've actually been able to write a little something after so long. Maybe my muses have come back~? ♥ That would be good. Although having to stay up until 2am writing complete crap is not fun as well.

No more school for me! Except revision lessons but...yes...no more feckin' mandatory classes! Freeedom~ Just....four exams to go and I'm finished with school. Unless I fail miserably in which case I'll go back XD;;;

Ha, I forgot how nice it is to write everything out ♥ (Sorry for the total incomprehensibility of it. I am trying D:)

The Death Note anime is almost finished. I...have no idea how I feel about that :/ Heh. Once a certain character was gone I sort of lost interest although Near is omghomglove~.

Why did I seem to update it more than I do now? I blame it on not having a paid journal anymore. Heh. XD


(Whee~ Princess Princess manga will be mine in 2 weeks. And yes I just remembered because of my mood theme XD; )
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